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Shine Cricket

Made with TTI felt, Shine Cricket Tennis Ball is great for casual cricket games, where a regular cricket ball would be too hard. With its 70mm diameter and virtually unbreakable high strength natural rubber, the Shine Cricket ball offers a larger size and better endurance than a normal tennis ball for cricket games, whether on the street or in the schoolyard.

Identity of Shine: Shine Logo embossed on the over cap of the tube

Shine Logo

This is SHINE logo which is used for Cricket Helios and Cricket Shine balls. It is uniquely created with a slanted S character followed with the dots which represent cricket balls.

The logo is embossed on the over cap of the tube packaging.  So it will be easier for the customers to recognize our product identity.

Shine Cricket Ball

Double Logo

All SHINE Cricket Balls always use double logo on the ball.  The first logo is the model name of SHINE cricket ball and the second logo is SHINE logo.

Shine Cricket: Signature PET Canister

Signature PET Can

HERIAWAN puts his signature on the PET CAN with the purpose of avoiding any chances for fake products by irresponsible people. Since many people recognize him as the owner of SHINE balls, therefore it will be easier for consumers to recognize his brands.

Shine Cricket: Signature Box

Signature Carton

The same signature is also shown on the carton packaging. It is to ensure customers the identity and originality of SHINE Cricket products.

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Shine Cricket’s Merchandise

Shine Cricket Bat

Shine Cricket Bat

Shine Cricket PVC Tape

Shine PVC Cricket Tape

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